What are the latest releases on CLICtv?

You can find a whole range of new releases and the best content on CLICtv.

On the “Home” page, you can find all the latest content such as movie premieres or the latest seasons of your favourite shows, as well as TV channels and other content organised by category.

Under “library”, you can find a horizontal list of U7D content, which you can watch up to seven days after it has been aired, while VOD content appears as a vertical list and can be watched whenever you want.

All kinds of channels are available, offering something for everyone. The best films on Canal Hollywood and Warner, high-profile sporting events and competitions on Eurosport, Antena Motor and Dbike and breath-taking documentaries on the History Channel or Discovery, among others.

The “Live TV” tab allows you to choose from a mosaic of live channels, which you can watch by clicking the “Watch TV” button. The “Guide” section shows you what’s on each channel, arranged by time and date.