Most asked questions about DAZN

What does DAZN offer me?

You will be able to choose two different plans:

DAZN Total: Where you can enjoy content such as LALIGA EA Sports, Premier League, Euroleague, MotoGP, F1, Matchroom…

DAZN Essential: You will be able to enjoy the same content except for LALIGA EA Sports.


Where can I watch DAZN content?

You will be able to enjoy these contents through CLICtv, by downloading the DAZN application on the deco beforehand, as well as on all available devices (Android and iOS app, browser, fire stick, chromecast and all Smart TVs with Android* operating system).

To do this, you only have to log in with your DAZN credentials once per device, after which the selected content will always open. You select it via CLICtv and you will be redirected to DAZN where you will be able to enjoy the selected content.

*Due to the fact that SAMSUNG does not have an Android operating system, this model does not allow you to view DAZN through the CLICtv application. If you want to watch these contents through these Smart TV models, you will be able to access DAZN content by downloading the application directly on your Smart TV, and logging in with the credentials provided in our registration process.

*LG TVs will have the CLICtv app in their catalogue on models from 2018 onwards, where you will be able to watch DAZN.


What if I can’t remember my DAZN username/password?

If you need to request a reset of your username or password, you will need to request it through the DAZN page: LOG IN – Forgot your password?


How many devices can I have with DAZN?

You can register up to 3 devices under one DAZN account; additionally, you can play the same content simultaneously on up to 2 devices as long as they are connected to the same network.


What if I want to change my DAZN plan?

All changes to your DAZN subscription will always be handled through your CLICtv service provider. Once your subscription change has been processed, you will receive two email notifications:

  1. Confirmation of the change with the new package contracted.
  2. An email with the link to access DAZN and complete the subscription data. Once DAZN shares the access credentials with you, you will access the platform and you will see the contents enabled for the new type of subscription.


I have a DAZN subscription through Amazon, can I watch this content on my CLICtv deco?

Yes, Amazon Prime is an application available on your CLICtv decoder, so you can watch all Prime content without any problem, regardless of the TV package you have contracted.


Where do I unsubscribe from DAZN?

Like changes to your subscription, unsubscribing from DAZN must also be handled through your service provider. After the subscription change, the customer will receive an email confirming the subscription change.


Can I subscribe to DAZN without activating the CLICtv service?

No, DAZN is a service that is only provided through our CLICtv platform.


What is DAZN BETS?

DAZN BETS is an information section within DAZN, but it is NOT a betting site/App. In any case, it is NOT possible to link your DAZN account with CLICtv to your DAZN BETS account.

If you were interested in accessing this content, you would have to click on More Info and register with DAZN Bet with your own credentials and payment method.